Book Scavenger Hunt

Book Scavenger Hunt

The lovely ladies at The Book Monsters are hosting the second Bout of Books challenge. It’s a Book Scavenger Hunt!! I love these. Being in a rush this morning, I forgot to take a picture of the books I had set aside. Womp Womp. Thus, we have this lovely graphic.

A book that begins with a “B”

Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen

A book your planning/currently reading for Bout of Books

A Good Man is Hard to Find and Other Stories by Flannery O’Connor

Blue book

Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill

Books from your favorite genre (Classics)

Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson

A book on your TBR pile

Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton

If you do decide to participate, leave me a comment. I love looking at other people’s scavenger hunt finds.



Fictional World Travel

Fictional World Travel

This is the first challenge for the Bout of Books read-a-thon. It’s hosted by Between Library Shelves. Basically, you choose 3 to 6 books of places other than the country you currently live in to visit.

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien {Middle Earth}

Let’s be real. If this is not on your list, you are lying to yourself. Ent, wizards, elves. come on.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini {1970s Afghanistan}

This time period fascinates me. I think the stark comparison between the Afghanistan in the 70s and the Afghanistan of today would be cool to see.

Collected Novellas by Gabriel Garcia Marquez {Columbia}

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ (GGM) ability to describe the setting of his works is amazing. I would love to do a GGM pilgrimage of his house and other parts of Colombia would be cool.

Boxers & Saints by Gene Luen Yang {China}

I’ve always wanted to go to China, so this one was a no brainer.

If you do decide to do the challenge, let me know in the comments below.



Bout of Books 7.0: Goals and Progress

Time Devoted to Reading

I will be reading as much as I can.

My Goals

  • To finish at least two books (I’m a slow reader).

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