BOTNS Summer Book Bingo


Books on the Nightstand is one of my favorite book podcasts. If you are not listening to them, you should be! They are currently hosting a summer bingo. Basically, one would get a randomized bingo card, and you have from Memorial Day to Labor Day to complete the card. You can get your own bingo card here.  While I did start later in the summer, I am still going to try to get as many of these completed, and I will probably try to complete it even after Labor Day. These should help me complete the bingo card that I created earlier this year.


  • Nonfiction in graphic novel format: My Friend Dahmer by
  • That you started but never finished:
  • About a subject that challenges you:
  • By a local author:
  • Translation:
  • Set in a place you want to visit:
  • By an author born in the same year as you:
  • Found in a used bookstore:
  • A literary magazine or journal:
  • Last book of an author before he/she died or retired:
  • Recommended by a family member:
  • Poetry collection:
  • Free Space: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by
  • A short story anthology:
  • Set in Australia/Oceania:
  • That you think you will dislike:
  • Borrowed from the library:
  • About a religion with which you are unfamiliar:
  • Written by someone under 21:
  • Published before 1900:
  • Written by an author you have met:
  • Published over 100 years ago:
  • Has been on your TBR for longer than 2 years:
  • 10 short stories:
  • Set in South America: