Hello There! 
My name is Sofi. I’m a mom to a precious baby and feisty cat who like to team up and cause so much mischief. I’m also a wife and an auditor.

Thing I love:

  • My little family
  • Reading, buying, and collecting books
  • Sharing books I love with other people
  • Being Catholic
  • My Mexican heritage
  • Latin American literature
  • Bears
  • Spending time with my husband at the end of the day after putting the baby to sleep and picking up all the destruction that has ensued

Things I dislike:

  • Ants (especially in your car #floridalife)
  • not being able to renew a library book

My mission is to encourage other people to read  and read broadly.  I want people to realize that reading is not a chore. Reading is a way to expand your understanding of the world and people around you. Everyone can learning something new everyday day, and if I, a mom who works 8 to 5, has time to read, anyone an find time to read.

Feel free to either fill out the form on my Contact page or email me at therainbowbookshelf@gmail.com


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