Seven Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes – Super Late Edition

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  1. Life is slowly coming back to normal after Irma.
  2. Sadly, the earthquake in Mexico hit a little too close for home. I was born in Mexico City, and most of my family still lives there. Everyone is fine (thank God!), but the city is absolute chaos. Thankfully, people have been so generous with their money and with their times that they have had to turn volunteers down. The true heroes in all of this are the rescue dogs that have been finding people left and right. Other countries have been aiding by sending in their rescue animals to try to find people under all the rubble.
  3. On a lighter note, my daughter is about to transition to the next daycare classroom, but can’t have bottles. She can only use a sippy cup. We have tried a couple, and she does use them, but I was just wondering what sippy cups you guys use.
  4. Additionally, she has to wear shoes because they take them to a covered playground. She’s not walking yet, but she is cruising on the furniture. We’ve bought her a couple of moccasins and other soft-soled shoes, but we’ve been struggling a bit because she has such small feet. She wears a size 2 which is roughly 3-6 month shoes. Most of the shoes we have found are crib shoes. Recommendations?
  5. Recently, my dad got an Apple watch and let me keep his Fitbit. I’m obsessed!
  6. I’ve recently also gotten into skin care. I realize that as I approach 30, my skin doesn’t bounce back as it use to. I have to really dedicate time to taking care of my face. I’ve been using this Face oil and serum because my face has been kind of dry lately even though the humidity is off the walls here in la Florida. I have combination skin that tends on the oily side, but my non-oily areas have been dry lately. I’ve also started using this Pixie Glow Tonic as a toner at night because I can’t justify dropping $40 on this  Toner. I’ve seen a couple of people talk about this face mist, and I’m interested. Let me know if what you guys use to take care of your face.
  7. I am currently reading Stella by Starlight. It’s one of the picks for the Diverse Books Club. I’m really enjoying it. It’s a middle-grade book set in 1930s North Carolina. It’s from the perspective of an African-American girl and deals with the KKK. I don’t usually read middle-grade books, but the Diverse Books Clubs offers an adult fiction, YA, and a middle-grade pick. They have been really good so far, and I’m excited to dive into the October picks that deal with the theme of immigration and refugees.


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