Seven Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes – Hurricane Edition

Featured Graphic Seven Quick Takes

1. Oh Hurricane Irma… Why? I missed last weeks link up because we were evacuating. It was a last minute decision, but we decided to leave on Friday. Y’all. The traffic was awful! We live in the panhandle of Florida, and it took us 12 hours to drive to Memphis where my parents live. On Friday morning, it looked like it was going to be a Category 2 or 3 when it hit. So, peace out, Florida!

2. Driving for that long with a 10-month-old is hard, but we decided to bring our cat because we weren’t going to leave her behind. We’re not savages! It was a little rough for the first couple of hours. Overall, everyone did great, and we could not have asked more from the baby and the cat. They were such troopers.

3. I’m honestly shocked at the people who stayed in South Florida. As soon as it was coming towards us, we left. I know people who were taking pictures and video of the rain and winds while it was happening. Y’all crazy. tenor

4. Thankfully, our apartment and my car (we only took my husband’s car to Memphis) were fine. I just have to go get my car washed. When we arrived, the power was back, so the A/C was already running. All the happy emojis.

5. The cat and the baby are the happiest to be back to a carpeted floor. This is the face of a cat who is so happy to be home. #herkingdom

6. Now, we just have to restock the whole fridge because we had to throw everything away. Publix, I’m coming for ya!

7. Life is back to normal which is so weird to me. It feels like nothing happened, but a Category 4 Hurricane hit my state a couple of days ago. I’m so grateful and feel blessed that we were not impacted as much as we had feared.


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