Books on the Nightstand Summer Bingo


Books on the Nightstand is one of my favorite book podcasts. If you are not listening to them, you should be! They are currently hosting a summer bingo. Basically, one would get a randomized bingo card, and you have from Memorial Day to Labor Day to complete the card. You can get your own bingo card here.  While I did start later in the summer, I am still going to try to get as many of these completed, and I will probably try to complete it even after Labor Day. These should help me complete the bingo card that I created earlier this year.

If you decide to join, let me know!


  • Nonfiction in graphic novel format: My Friend Dahmer
  • That you started but never finished:
  • About a subject that challenges you:
  • By a local author:
  • Translation:
  • Set in a place you want to visit:
  • By an author born in the same year as you:
  • Found in a used bookstore:
  • A literary magazine or journal:
  • Last book of an author before he/she died or retired:
  • Recommended by a family member:
  • Poetry collection:
  • Free Space:
  • A short story anthology:
  • Set in Australia/Oceania:
  • That you think you will dislike:
  • Borrowed from the library:
  • About a religion with which you are unfamiliar:
  • Written by someone under 21:
  • Published before 1900:
  • Written by an author you have met:
  • Published over 100 years ago:
  • Has been on your TBR for longer than 2 years:
  • 10 short stories:
  • Set in South America:



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