Book & Blogger Swap Reveal

For this swap, I was partnered with the lovely Sara from Carpe Librum Girl. You can check out her all her social media links below. Her instagram is pretty amazing, and she is currently coordinating a bookswap through her account. Go check it out! She sent me the three required books plus two additional books. Thanks, Sara! You da best! Here is a description of the contents of my box:

  • Night Circus (A book from your partner’s wishlist)
  • Atonement (A book from your partner’s wishlist)
  • Middlesex (A book you have read and loved)
  • Canone Inverso (A book you haven’t read, but think looks interesting)
  • Birthright (bonus graphic novel)
  • Tazo passion tea. It’s actually one of my favorites. Lucky guess.
  • Assortment of bookmarks. It’s like Sara knew I lose these more often than I’m willing to admit.

Book Swap 2 Reveal

If you participated in this swap or you have read any of these books, leave a comment below.

Carpe Librum Girl









7 thoughts on “Book & Blogger Swap Reveal”

  1. I did participate in this swap but I will be posting late because my box is at home and I am taking care of my mom at the moment 3.5 hours away… So I will live vicariously through posts like yours! Such a fun thing to do!

  2. Hello there! This swap has been so much fun! It looks like you got some really good stuff! Middlesex is on my TBR list and has been forever! I’m all about bookmarks as well! Plus, I think my swapping partner is psychic – she sent me almost exactly what I expected! 🙂 Happy reading!

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