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Life of a Blogger: Most Used Websites


 Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature hosted by Novel Heartbeat featuring a non-bookish question in order to explore the person behind this blog.

  1.  Goodreads: It’s my life. At least, my bookish life. I keep track of all my books through this app and website.
  2. Online Library Catalogue: I use this all the time to put books on hold and get them transported to my local branch since it is quite sad. Also, the main library is really sketch because the homeless people spend all day there since it has air conditioning. It gets super sketch….
  3. Imgur and Tumblr: I am guilty of browsing these to just kill time. Many gems have been found in these sites.
  4. Youtube: I have to keep up with certain channels like You Deserve a Drink, My Drunk Kitchen, and all other book tube channels.
  5. Canvas and PicMonkey: I use these to create all the graphics on this blog. They are both FREE and super easy to navigate and use.
  6. Trello: This is my lifeline for scheduling and planning for my blog. One of the best organizational apps I know.
  7. Runkeeper: Gotta look good in my wedding dress. This app and website keeps track of your running through GPS, let you add goals, and has training plans to get you out there and running. It’s seriously the best!



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