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Tope Ten I Like and Dislike about Romances in Books



  1. I love me a good love triangle. I think this dynamic really adds to any storyline.
  2. Friends that become more than friends. This one is probably my favorite probably because it reflect my own personal life. However, I like rooting for the underdog who perseveres until the other person falls for them.
  3. I also really enjoy seeing a book couple go through real life struggles in their relationship. I think it creates healthier examples of relationships for people as well as makes it relatable. I want to read a story about a couple in a relation going through the same struggles that I am.
  4. Long distance loves are also great reads for me. This has to do with #3 above.
  5. Hate-to-love relationships are also great. Yes! 10 Things I Hate About You anyone?
  6. Happy endings. Who doesn’t love a happy ending? Give a good The Notebook ending anytime. It might be childish, but I like my endings happy. That’s just who I am.
  7. I also love me a good twist in a love story especially when you find out that a character is not who you think they are. *cough* Pride and Prejudice


  1. I absolutely despise instalove. Nothing could be worse. It goes against my #3 above.
  2. I hate when authors don’t take a very realistic look at love. See #3 above.
  3. One of the most traumatizing things for me is when one of the people in the relationship dies leaving the other behind. I have been traumatized by this too many times. I trusted you, authors. I trusted you…



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