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The King’s Dragon by Scott Chantler


Title: The King’s Dragon

Author: Scott Chantler

Goodreads Plot: In this fourth installment of the award-winning Three Thieves graphic novel series, Captain Drake remembers his dark past as a young knight in the service of King Roderick. Long-ago intrigues may hold clues that will help Drake capture the three thieves — and could spell the end of Dessa’s quest to find her long-lost twin brother.

My Thoughts: This was an absolute delight to read. I think I read it in one sitting. The book is part of a series, and I haven’t read any of the previous books. However, I was able to pick up the main story fairly easily. The illustration style was wonderful. The pictures were colorful, clear, and entertaining. Scott Chantler also does a great job developing intricate and complex characters that you would be able to find in any classic novel. Overall, Scott Chantler tells a wonderfully delightful story in this installment of the Three Thieves series. I am curious to read the previous three books.

My Rating: 9/10

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