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Answer Me This // 9

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This week’s questions involve walking out of movies, meat, and thievery.

1. Have you ever walked out of a movie?

No. I have this weird thing where once I commit to something, I see it through. If I paid and committed to the movie, I am going to sit there and watch it no matter how bad it might be. Does that make me weird?

2. What do you most often use for blogs and blogging: desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone?

I use my laptop (Mac) and my Kindle.

Trusty and reliable!
Kindle Fire. Oh yeah.

3. Have you ever had anything stolen from you?

Not that I can recall.

4. Do you identify as a member of a particular ethnic group?

Yes. I was born and raised in Mexico, so yeah… Mexico is kind of what I love. I absolutely adore Mexican culture and traditions. I love that some are rooted in the Catholic Church like posadas and some of our holidays (we nationally celebrate holidays such as the Epiphany 1/6 and Candlemas 2/2). I also love to cheer all the Mexican teams during the Olympics, World Cup, and any other soccer event. My national pride runs deep. So deep, in fact, that I sometimes since the national anthem from time to time while I clean or am in the shower.

Our Three Kings’ Cake. Nom!

5. Do you abstain from meat on Fridays?

Only in Lent or when I remember to abstain the rest of the year. I try to follow the traditional rules, but this one is harder than the rest because Friday nights are usually the nights I eat out. This might sound a whiny, but it’s so hard. Somehow, it’s easier during Lent than the rest of the year. Kendra has a wonderful explanation for abstinence.

6. Seen anything weird lately?

I did see a lot of mud and dirt on the stairs in my apartment building today. It was weird. That’s about it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.32.57 PM


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