Answer Me This // 5

 Answer Me This3

  This is a question series hosted by Kendra at Catholic All Year. Check out her blog!


1. Beach or Mountains? Where would you rather be?

It would have to be the beach. I love just sitting in the sun reading a book and relaxing by the water. Plus, I’m not too keen on nature.

2. Which is more fun: Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning?

Christmas Eve for sure.That is when my family goes to mass, and when we have our feast. Since we are Mexican, there is a lot of traditions we maintain on Christmas Eve. We have a Posada, pray the rosary, and open our presents.

3. What’s the most embarrassing childhood outfit you remember wearing?

This definitely has to be my favorite outfit from 3rd grade. It was a pair of pink leggings with roses on them and a pink Winnie the pooh polo to go along with it. I thought I was so cool because I could match clothes. Looking back on it, it was a little too much pink for anyone’s taste.

4. Your house is quiet, you don’t have to do work (housework included). What do you do?

Catch up on my blogs and booktube videos as well as reading. These moments are very rare.

5. What movie do you want to watch when you’re feeling under the weather?

The Holiday. It is one of my favorite movies of all time. I think it is so funny and heart warming. It has all the things I love: awkwardness, old people, Kate Winslet, and a wonderful score.

6. Did you have an American Girl doll when you were little? If so, which one?

I am never had an American doll. I always wished I did, but my parents could never afford it. Who could blame them, these dolls were (and still are) ridiculously expensive. I always wanted a Josefina doll, and I am kind of sad that it is no longer produced.


Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.32.57 PM


4 thoughts on “Answer Me This // 5”

  1. Oh no! Is Josefina retired too? At Christmas, Betty asked me if any of the American Girl Dolls were Catholic, and I said Kirsten, Josefina, and Marie-Grace. But now TWO of those are gone. :*(

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