Fun Finds Friday

Fun Finds Friday // 4/25/14

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This is a new installment on my blog where I include fun finds I gather during the week while exploring the internet. Hope you enjoy them. If people enjoy this segment, I can create a weekly link-up. I would love to see what other bookish finds people encounter.

1. NPR’s Book News included a new study sponsored by the U.K’s Department of Culture, Media, & Sports stating that library trips gives people the same kick as getting a raise ($2,282 to be exact).

2. Buzzfeed: Books had a page showcasing 12 Business Cards for Famous Historical Figures. They were created by the stationery company Moo. They are absolutely amazing. Check them out.

3. Buzzfeed also compiled Stephen King’s tweets during the Purple Wedding Episode of Game of Thrones. Hilarious!


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