Gabriel Garcia Marquez – A Tribute

So last week, My favorite author passed away. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. If you haven’t heard of him, here is his wikipedia page.  NPR wrote a lovely piece about Gabo, as many called him. His use of magical realism really made him stand out from many authors as well as give a voice to the people of Latin America.

I really attribute my love for Latin American literature to him. He was able to create these magical surreal worlds out of mondane situations. His characters were always so tragic yet beautiful. They were never just good or just bad; they were a combination of both as people in the real world are.

His novels were filled with miraculous and enchanting events and characters; love and madness; wars, politics, dreams and death. And everything he had written, Garcia Marquez once said, he knew or heard before he was 8 years old.”

I highly recommend picking up one of his books. Below, I will leave a few of my favorite quotes:


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